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Japan’s first drone high school will be come in next year!

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This would be the one of the  coolest school in Japan.

In this school it will be teach about drone and robot. Are you interested in study about these?

Vantan High School tries to get ahead of the increasing use of drones and robotics in industry and may have become the coolest high school in Japan as a result.

Source: Japan’s first drone high school course to begin next year, teaches piloting, law, and more | RocketNews24

The First Singlish speaking Robot will be arrived in Singapore at 5 July!!

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This robot could speak some Singlish phrases, English and Chinese. More interestingly,  he could dance, sing and even cleaning a table. You could find Robi in selected supermarkets, convenience stores, bookstores and newsstands from 5 July.

If you want to see it clever performances, come to see his roadshow at Marina square Shopping Mall from July 9-10.

He converses, plays games and even cleans your home.

Meet Robi, Singapore’s first Singlish-speaking robot.

If dystopian sci-fi films like iRobot have left you paranoid about mobs of frightful cyborgs, worry not. Boyish and anime-like, Robi looks like he’s walked straight out of a manga comic — ready to greet you with a convivial smile.

Designed for DeAgostini by Professor Tomotaka Takahashi, the build-it-yourself robot is a fusion of sophisticated design and advanced Japanese technology, designed to provide interactive companionship for the entire family.

Source: You Can Now Buy Yourself A Singlish-Speaking Robot – Weekender Singapore

You can now order pizza from a robot in Singapore

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Japan’s most famous robot, Pepper expected to serve you in Singapore!

If your Pizza Hut clerk seems like a robot, you may have stumbled into Singapore and a near future in retail commerce.

Before the end of this year, credit card giant MasterCard will deploy an actual robot in one lucky Pizza Hut location in Singapore that will not only engage with customers, but help them fulfill their pizza cravings by guiding them through a purchase and assisting them in completing a mobile transaction.

Source: You can now order pizza from a robot in Singapore

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