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Muscle Cafe Tokyo will be opened just on the 30th of July

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This cafe only serves to a women so those who like the muscles, better go there!!

Women are flocking to enjoy the brawny charms of these men, who offer special “omotenashi” services.

Source: Muscle Cafe Tokyo serves up burly omotenashi for Japanese women | Japan Trends

Kirby Cafe will be opened just for a summer in Japan

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Isn’t it exciting to go and see how the menu look like!!

All we can say is, “This is going to be soooo Cute!!”

Source: Kirby Cafe to open for limited time this summer — we can’t wait to hear the details! | RocketNews24

Wise Owl Hostels opens July in Tokyo

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There are so many kinds of animal cafes are in Tokyo now but there’s going to be another type of style that can be enjoy in Tokyo. The concept of this hostel is to enjoy the night like a wise owls. Isn’t it cool?!

Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo opens July 22nd in Hatchobori, east Tokyo, featuring a Eurasian eagle-owl as its key attraction. If that sounds a bit gimmicky, rest assured that the hostel matches the feathered proprietress with a stylish, homely design and facilities.

Source: Wise Owl Hostels Tokyo opens July with Eurasian eagle-owl | Japan Trends

The Japanese Themed Café will be opened At Tanjong Pagar Centre

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It will be opened in November! I can’t wait to be opened!!

The East Japan Railway Company, also known as JR EAST, will be opening a Japan-bound themed café at the ground level of the new Tanjong Pagar Centre.

Source: Japan Rail Café – JR EAST Will Open Japanese Themed Café At Tanjong Pagar Centre –

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