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Tokyo Game Show 2016 was held in Tokyo!! There was so many of the anime costume that fans would definitely like it!!

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These are the cosplay costume that was selling in the Tokyo Game Show. There are so much of it so I am sure that fans are excited of wearing those :))

Here’s all the super-cool merch you can buy at Tokyo Game Show this weekend!

Source: Take a look at Tokyo Game Show 2016’s coolest merchandise!【Photos】 | RocketNews24

Crayon Shinchan The Movie will be shown from 15th Sep

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Crayon Shinchan is very famous anime in Japan and every year they have the movie. The  movie version of Crayon Shinchan always made me. You should watch this movie in the cinema 🙂

Shinnosuke finds himself, along with his friends and family, trapped in fantasies that have turned into nightmares. He and his friends are then helped by a mysterious transfer student named Saki to rescue everyone and escape the eerie dreamland.

Source: Crayon Shinchan The Movie: The Great Assault On The Dreaming World!

 One Piece Film Gold screening for One Piece cosplayers

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This looks awesome!!

Heads up One Piece fans here in Singapore, because on 19th August, Golden Village Plaza will be screening One Piece Film Gold, however, only people cosplaying as One Piece characters can watch! Known as ONE PIECE FILM GOLD – Singapore Book of Records, the event aims to set a Singapore record for most cosplayers in a One…Read More

Source: GV Plaza to have exclusive One Piece Film Gold screening for One Piece cosplayers – SGCafe

Anime Festival Asia will be held on August 19th and 20th in Thailand

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This could be so much fun 🙂 Whoever like Japanese Anime better go!!

Source: Anime Festival Asia Thailand 2016 I Love Anisong Concert – Ticketmelon

Bleach Manga will end on August 22 issued magazine

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Wow!! Guess many funs will shocked at this news!

This year’s combined 36th/37th issue of Shueisha‘s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is announcing on Monday that Tite Kubo will publish the final Bleach manga chapter in the magazine’s next issue, which Shueisha will ship on August 22. The next issue will also have an “important announcement.”

Source: Bleach Manga to End on August 22 With ‘Important Announcement’

You can hear the Dragon Quest theme song at Shibuya station!

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This song will ends in September 12th so you cannot miss it :))



Go forth, mighty heroes/rail passengers! Seek adventure in the magical realm of Yokohama!

Source: Tokyo’s Shibuya Station now sending trains on their way by playing the Dragon Quest theme 【Video】 | RocketNews24

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