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SAVOR JAPAN – Online Japan Food Guide 

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Online Japan food guide
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Japan has revised its targeted tourist arrivals from 20 million to 40 million annually by 2020. With such soaring ambitions, needless to say, everyone is doing what they can, to make travel to Japan a breeze. All travel involves culinary experiences and eating in Japan has so much to offer.

As part of your trip planning, check out website Savor Japan, which provides a plethora of dining information and recommendations. Beautiful photos and even videos will have you drooling and wishing you were on that flight to Japan now. 


Japan, a nation of epicureans, offers not only the world’s finest washoku, but also exquisite French, Italian and Chinese cuisine. Visit Japan’s finest restaurants, strictly selected by Savor Japan, and discover the latest trends in this gourmet market.

Source: Feature Stories – SAVOR JAPAN -Japanese Restaurant Guide-

3 days in Hakodate

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Travel Hakodate – what to see, do and eat in Hakodate

With the Japan Rail going all the way from Tokyo to Hakodate in less than 5 hours now, there is definitely more reason to spend time in this gateway city to the Northern island.


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