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Pokemon GO Has Been Released In Hong Kong! 

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Wow!! Now it time to be arrived in Singapore :)) Can’t wait when will be!!

Pokemon GO has been released yesterday in Hong Kong and Taiwan after speculations, and we predict that a Singaporean release is impending.

For those dying to get be the first trainers in their countries, the site recommends accessing this link at their Google Play stores. If the app can be seen, you’re all ready to go!

In South Korea, while the release of Pokemon GO on the Korean app store has still not been decided according to a Pokemon Korea’s spokesperson, Korean fans have been able to download the app via the US-based Apple app store.

However, since the South Korean government has blocked Google Maps from GPS mapping in South Korea due to security restrictions, the only places that Koreans can play Pokemon Go are Sokcho and Busan – which have been mismapped as regions belonging to North Korea and Japan respectively.

Source: Pokemon GO Has Been Released In HK, Will SG Follow Soon?

Kirby Cafe will be opened just for a summer in Japan

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Isn’t it exciting to go and see how the menu look like!!

All we can say is, “This is going to be soooo Cute!!”

Source: Kirby Cafe to open for limited time this summer — we can’t wait to hear the details! | RocketNews24

You can hear the Dragon Quest theme song at Shibuya station!

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This song will ends in September 12th so you cannot miss it :))



Go forth, mighty heroes/rail passengers! Seek adventure in the magical realm of Yokohama!

Source: Tokyo’s Shibuya Station now sending trains on their way by playing the Dragon Quest theme 【Video】 | RocketNews24

The Pokemon design of 3DS are amazingly cute!

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Which one would you prefer?

Nintendo Japan has just announced two Pokémon-themed special edition New Nintendo 3DS LL handhelds. Both 3DS LLs are individually priced at 20,304 yen and share the new games’ street date of November 18. Since the special handhelds quantities are limited, though, the smart move would be to reserve yours once preorders open on July 16.

Source: Nintendo unveils two new limited-edition Pokémon 3DS units, and true fans will want both 【Photos】 | RocketNews24

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