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Crayon Shinchan The Movie will be shown from 15th Sep

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Crayon Shinchan is very famous anime in Japan and every year they have the movie. The  movie version of Crayon Shinchan always made me. You should watch this movie in the cinema 🙂

Shinnosuke finds himself, along with his friends and family, trapped in fantasies that have turned into nightmares. He and his friends are then helped by a mysterious transfer student named Saki to rescue everyone and escape the eerie dreamland.

Source: Crayon Shinchan The Movie: The Great Assault On The Dreaming World!

Attack on Titan Season 2’s will be shown in 2017 Spring!!

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Many people might waiting for this for a long time! Then finally it will be shown in next year!!! Can’t wait to watch this 🙂

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally know when we’ll be able to see the most anticipated anime in years.

Source: Attack on Titan Season 2’s premiere date is finally, FINALLY announced | RocketNews24

Mamoru Hosoda Cafe opens in Shibuya!

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Mamoru Hosoda Anime which is famous for  Summer Wars and Wolf Children has open the cafe! Those who are Mamoru Hosoda’s Fans should definitely  go there.

Hosoda is back in the spotlight this summer, as it marks the 10-year anniversary of his breakout hit The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. So to celebrate, The Guest Cafe and Diner, part of the Shibuya, Tokyo branch of Japanese department store Parco, will be serving as the location of a Girl Who Leapt Through Time cafe.

Hana’s home-style yakitori with potato salad made with Old Man Nirasaki’s potatoes (1,380 yen)
Girl Who Leapt Through Time fare, there’s the purin a la mode that Makoto snacks on (1,380 yen)
Summer Wars is represented by the Kari Kenji and King Kazuma burger plate (1,480 yen)

Source: Wolf Children, Summer Wars on the Menu at Tokyo’s new Mamoru Hosoda anime cafe

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