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There is a shoes collection of the Popular Japanese Instagram cat

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Mash is a famous cat with 182,000 followers on Instagram. Now there are collection of this cute cat shoes. Isn’t it so adorable?

Some cats are cute enough to be models, while others are so beloved they get to have their very own shoe collection.

Source: Popular Japanese Instagram cat inspires a stylish shoe collection | RocketNews24

If you want to meet this adorable cats, visit Jogashima!!

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Jogashimaya is near to Tokyo so if you visit Tokyo, take a short trip to Jogashima to meet them :))

We take a trip to an island close to Tokyo and find a haven for adorably sleepy, relaxed kitties.The 3,060 yen (US$30) ticket, which can be purchased at the Keikyu ticket counter at Shinagawa Station, saves visitors more than 2,100 yen, making it a great way to visit the area on a day trip from Tokyo.

Source: How to visit the cats of Jogashima Island Park on a “Tuna Ticket” from Tokyo | RocketNews24

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