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Japanese events happening in Singapore

The Japanese movie”Terraformers” will be shown from 14th of July

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Finally will be shown!! Terraformars has also a comics so you can also read the comics before you watch the movie 🙂

Mars is set to be the next habitat for humans due to the depletion of natural resources on Earth. In the 21st century, scientists are given the task to change the environment on Mars so that human could survive on it. Cockroaches and mold are sent to Mars so that the mold would absorb the sunlight and the corpses of the cockroaches would serve as a food source for the mold. In the future, when the first manned ship lands on Mars, the crew members find that the insects they left on the planet have evolved and become giant mutated humanoid cockroaches with incredible strength. All of the crew members are immediately wiped out by the creatures, but before they die, they manage to send a transmission back to earth. In 2599, 15 elite warriors are sent to Mars to exterminate the mutated bugs and claim back the planet.

Source: Terraformars

Watch NIHON-BUYO, Traditional Japanese Dance Performance on 30th July 

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For those who are interested in  Traditional Japanese Dance, please  come and enjoy the performance!!

In conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Singapore and Japan (SJ50), Japan Creative Centre (JCC), Embassy of Japan in Singapore is proud to present Nihon Buyo – Traditional Japanese Dance Performance by Reitokukai and Akifusaryu.

Source: NIHON-BUYO 日本舞踊, Traditional Japanese Dance Performance by Reitokukai & Akifusaryu, 30 July 2016 (Sat) 2pm at Japan Creative Centre (JCC)

The Japanese Film Festival is coming on September!! 

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Which movie do you prefer to watch?!


(17 July to 28 August 2016 at The Projector)

a programme prelude to this year’s festival in September

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Source: Japanese Film Festival Singapore 2016 | シンガポール日本映画祭 2016 | | National Museum of Singapore

You can hear the real story of Japanese occupation at Battlebox!!

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To hear the real voice seems a bit scary but also good opportunity!!

Singapore News -With their heavy guns pointed uselessly to the south, British forces under the command of Lieutenant-General Arthur Percival failed to anticipate a Japanese invasion from the north.. Read more at

Source: New exhibit at Battlebox tells ‘real’ story of Japanese occupation, Singapore News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

The Japanese actor-Shohei Miura came to Singapore on Saturday 25 th and his responses to the fans was extremely good!!

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He was such an handsome!!

Entertainment News -Bucking the Korean pop culture wave in this region, Japanese actor Shohei Miura held a public fan meet here last Saturday to great response.. Read more at

Source: Shohei Miura charms scores of female fans at event for Please Love Me!, Entertainment News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

The dinosaurs statues made by Japanese artist is amazing!

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Why don’t you go to see this at National Museum of Singapore.

He saves toys destined for the trash by turning them into dinosaur models. Japanese artist and social activist Hiroshi Fuji, 55, recycles old and pre-loved toys of all kinds by turning them into largedinosaur statues. Mr Fuji, who is from the city of Kagoshima, teaches at the Akita University of Art in north-west Japan. The material for his “terrible lizards” comes from donations through a toy exchange system run by him.

Source: Japanese artist creates dinosaur statues from old toys | The New Paper

Enjoy a Japanese Exhibition- GORAIKO  at Japan Creative Centre (JCC)

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Come and enjoy the Japanese Exhibition. It’s free!

Exhibition Period:

14 – 25 June 2016

Opening Hours:

Tuesdays – Saturdays, 10:00am to 6:00pm
Closed on Sundays, Mondays & Public Holidays


Japan Creative Centre (JCC), Embassy of Japan in Singapore
4 Nassim Road Singapore 258372



Source: GORAIKO ご来光 – An art exhibition on Japanese sunrise with artist talk by Adeleine Daysor and Susie Wong, 14 – 25 Jun 2016 at Japan Creative Centre (JCC)

International Sushi Day is coming up on June 18th

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Come and get a California Roll at Kabuki Restaurant and celebrate the International Sushi Day

Source: International Sushi Day | Kabuki Restaurant

Japanese Horror Movie will be upcoming on June 23

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People who are very brave, you should watch this!

Plot for Sadako VS Kayako

University student Yuri Kurahashi and her friend chance upon the cursed videotape of Sadako (“The Ring”) and both are doomed to die in two days. Meanwhile, high school girl Suzuka Takagi is drawn towards the Saeki house, not knowing that once inside she will be stepping into the bounds of Kayako’s (“Ju On”) curse. The two girls later meet through a medium, Keizo Tokiwa, who proposes to pit the ghosts against one another to end the curses once and for all. He lures them to the same location and a deadly battle ensues. However, something terrible and unexpected happens during the battle.


source:Sadako VS Kayako(2016)/

JAPAN FOOD FAIR in Isetan Singapore

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Enjoy Japan delicacies at our Japan Food Fair, happening from 27 May to 2 June at Isetan Scotts Supermarket, Basement. See you there!

Source: Isetan Singapore

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