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Japanese F&B outlets in Singapore

Japanese Themed Foodcourt Opens At Shaw Centre 

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Recently the Japan Food Town has been opened in Wisma Atria but another Japanese food area called Japan Foods Garden opens at A Shaw Centre. In this place there are five different stalls so you can enjoy variety of foods. Also, since it is located in food court, the price is reasonable compare to the Japan Food Town so if  you want to eat Japanese in cheap price it is best place to go 🙂

Do not confuse Japan Foods Garden (note the extra ‘s’ behind food) at Shaw Centre Basement 1, with Japan Food Town at Wisma Atria. Even though they are a sh

Source: Japan Foods Garden – Japanese Themed Foodcourt Opens At Shaw Centre –

Try the thick Katsu at Tonkatsu Agedoki 

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Agedoki means ” It time to eat”

There are many good Tonkatsu restaurant in Singapore but if you want something really thick, you better try this!!

Tonkatsu Agedoki とんかつ あげ時 is sister restaurant to the long-queued Kohaku Tendon at Eat at Seven, Suntec City. When I wrote about the tendon restau

Source: Tonkatsu Agedoki – Thick Cut Tonkatsu At Suntec City –

The place where can eat Awesome Wagyu Round Roast Beef Bowl

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This looks so good!!

Sandaime Bunji established in Tokyo Ginza, is an 80 year old family business known for making Kamaboko — a fish cake snack. Specialties in Singapore’s ou

Source: Sandaime Bunji – Awesome Wagyu Round Roast Beef Bowl –

There is a Pokemon Go food in Singapore

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This is so cute! Let’s catch Pokemon in real 🙂

The Pokemon Café in Singapore has closed, but this is not stopping other cafes in Singapore from riding on the Pokemon Go trend. Some enterprising food bus

Source: Where To Find Pokemon Go Food In Singapore – Gotta Catch, Shoot, Eat ‘Em All –

Niigata City Food Fair at Lewin Terrace

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Niigata prefecture is famous for rice and sake. You could enjoy the good rice and sake if you come to this fair 🙂

Source: Niigata City Food Fair at Lewin Terrace – Expat Living Singapore

The Dassai Bar launches in Singapore 

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You can now try the Dassai sake in Singapore 🙂 It in the Japan Food Town so you could also experience the Japanese food there!!

Savour exclusive, premium sakes at the world’s first Dassai Bar outside Japan, which has recently opened in Singapore.

Source: The first Dassai Bar outside Japan launches in Singapore – LifestyleAsia Singapore

Try French Japanese Dining  At A Colonial House

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French and Japanese is a good collaboration!! Do you want to try this?

Surrounded by lush greenery amongst the historical beauty of Fort Canning Park, in the absence of metal and concrete of the city, lies the magnificent Lewin Terrace. On one very lucky evening, I had the most wonderful opportunity of tasting Executive Chef, Keisuke Matsumoto’s mind-blowing, and taste-buds-explosive creations. That night, I left dinner absolutely satisfied. Poised in …

Source: Lewin Terrace: Marvelous French-Japanese Dining Experience In A Colonial House

 Come to eat Tendon and Kaisendon at  Japan Food Town

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Those looks very delicious!! If you want to eat these, you should go to Japan Food Town 🙂

Tempura Tsukiji Tenka at Japan Food Town Singapore Wisma Atria which specialises in Tempura and Donburi, is run by graduates of the Tokyo Sushi Academy, one of

Source: Tempura Tsukiji Tenka – Tendon & Kaisendon at Japan Food Town –

Japan Food Town Singapore is now opened in Atria!! 

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There are too many choices so it difficult to choose, isn’t it? Where would you like to go?

Japanese food lovin’ Singaporeans will find more reasons to get really excited, especially with the launch of Japan Food Town at Wisma Atria Orchard. This

Source: Japan Food Town Singapore – 16 Japanese Restaurants Open At Wisma Atria! –

KFC New Menu – Umakara Chicken have been launched today!!   

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This looks really good!! Whoever like the Japanese taste must try this 🙂

Let your taste buds go wild with KFC’s new and exciting creation. You thought there’s only sweet, sour, salty and bitter? Well, KFC will be introducing the fifth taste to their fried chicken and this indescribable flavour, known as the umami taste, will make you keep coming back for more! Check out the media release here: MEDIA RELEASE Since thousands of years ago in culinary history, there have been four widely accepted and recognized taste profiles – sweet, sour, salty and bitter.

Source: KFC: New Menu – Umakara Chicken to be launched in Singapore (From 13 Jul) |

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