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The Chinese production company announced a Live action of One Piece Movie

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WOW!! Do you want to watch this? One Piece is also popular in China.

Shanghai Minghuan Investment has announced, through a press release hosted by Business Wire, that it has “bought the copyright of popular Japanese manga and TV anime One Piece from the manga artist and owner of One Piece Eiichiro Oda for 1.6 billion yen (US$15.1 million).” The agreement purportedly bestows the rights to develop live-action films, TV series, and other derivative products to the China-based company, with the first project to enter development being a theatrical feature.
The press release also says that the “heroine” will be played by Chinese vocalist Xie Leilei. A member of idol group GNZ48, Xie has been nicknamed “The Girl from One Piece” due to her resemblance to one of Oda’s characters, but still remains a very puzzling choice, since the character she’s said to look like is Charlotte Purin.

Source: [Updated] Live-action One Piece movie announced by Chinese production company | RocketNews24

The Pokemon design of 3DS are amazingly cute!

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Which one would you prefer?

Nintendo Japan has just announced two Pokémon-themed special edition New Nintendo 3DS LL handhelds. Both 3DS LLs are individually priced at 20,304 yen and share the new games’ street date of November 18. Since the special handhelds quantities are limited, though, the smart move would be to reserve yours once preorders open on July 16.

Source: Nintendo unveils two new limited-edition Pokémon 3DS units, and true fans will want both 【Photos】 | RocketNews24

Hatsune Miku is in the new Glico Japan Pocky Commercial 

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Hatsune Miku will teach you how to eat Pockey!


With the summer season inbound, Glico Japan thought now is the time to advertise how their popular Pocky candy also makes for a great chilled snack. Who else but Hatsune Miku could make such a commercial so cute and fun?

The newly uploaded commercial features Miku enoying Pocky frozen instead of right out of the box. The music was composed by HitoshizukuP and yama△, and the animation work was created by Kasoku Sato (Composition Inc.). Check out the commercial below!

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The character shop for adult women will open at Tokyo Station

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I’m sure that many women who are at age of twenties and thirties have watched Sailor Moon. So here is the place that you can get the items.

Bandai is targeting women in their twenties and thirties with its latest venture.

Otona Joshi Biyori (literally, Adult Girls Beautiful Weather) will open on June 24th in Tokyo Character Street, a shopping area in Tokyo Station. Marketed as a “character beauty shop”, it is the first retail enterprise by Bandai to target this older demographic. It will sell cosmetics, fashion and other merchandise for the Hello Kitty, Rascal the Raccoon, Sailor Moon and other franchises.

Fans of Sailor Moon and other franchises will be able to buy fashion, cosmetics and more.

Source: Bandai targets adult women with Tokyo Station character store | Japan Trends

Mamoru Hosoda Cafe opens in Shibuya!

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Mamoru Hosoda Anime which is famous for  Summer Wars and Wolf Children has open the cafe! Those who are Mamoru Hosoda’s Fans should definitely  go there.

Hosoda is back in the spotlight this summer, as it marks the 10-year anniversary of his breakout hit The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. So to celebrate, The Guest Cafe and Diner, part of the Shibuya, Tokyo branch of Japanese department store Parco, will be serving as the location of a Girl Who Leapt Through Time cafe.

Hana’s home-style yakitori with potato salad made with Old Man Nirasaki’s potatoes (1,380 yen)
Girl Who Leapt Through Time fare, there’s the purin a la mode that Makoto snacks on (1,380 yen)
Summer Wars is represented by the Kari Kenji and King Kazuma burger plate (1,480 yen)

Source: Wolf Children, Summer Wars on the Menu at Tokyo’s new Mamoru Hosoda anime cafe

The Amrita Tokyo – Japan’s first “naked restaurant” to open in July 2016

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Naked dining will be allowed in Tokyo from July 29th onwards. In a fine-dining restaurant called ‘The Amrita’, diners will be able to feast freely in an ‘Adam and Eve’ style banquet, wearing nothing but paper underpants. Top male models from America and Europe will also be on display as part of the experience. There’s a catch though – people who are not within their optimal Body Mass Index range will be denied entry. So time to go on that diet if you want to get in!

Source: Japan’s first “naked restaurant” to open in Tokyo with age and weight restrictions | RocketNews24

You can now order pizza from a robot in Singapore

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Japan’s most famous robot, Pepper expected to serve you in Singapore!

If your Pizza Hut clerk seems like a robot, you may have stumbled into Singapore and a near future in retail commerce.

Before the end of this year, credit card giant MasterCard will deploy an actual robot in one lucky Pizza Hut location in Singapore that will not only engage with customers, but help them fulfill their pizza cravings by guiding them through a purchase and assisting them in completing a mobile transaction.

Source: You can now order pizza from a robot in Singapore

Meet Maru, the most famous Shiba Inu on Instagram

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Maru the Shiba Inu
Maru the Shiba Inu 

With 2.4 million followers, Maru the Shiba Inu is probably the highest ranking celebrity animal in Instagram. With that famous grin and those kawaii captures of him and his stuffed animals, it is no wonder that even Time Magazine has labelled him “The Best Dog in the World”!

The most famous dog on Instagram, Marutaro is a 9-year-old Shiba from Japan, and his charming looks and adorable demeanour are his not-so-secret weapons.

Source: Dogstagram Tuesday: Marutaro | Vanillapup

Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat

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Fukumaru, the famous cat of Granny Misao, died in 2015. However, his death was only announced in February this year, in accordance to the wishes of the family.

If you do not already know, Granny Misao and her odd-eyed Fukumaru gained rapid online popularity due to the heartwarming photos of Miyoko Ihara. Miyoko, who is Misao’s granddaughter started documenting the life of her granny in photographs back in 2000. 3 years later, Granny Misao found Fukumaru in her shed and the duo formed an incredible bond.

Miyoko has since published a photobook of Granny and Fukumaru which is available in Amazon. But more than just a chronicle of a woman and her cat, the photos captured a life away from urban complexities and complicated relationships. Looking at the photos of Granny (who is in her 90s now!) and Fukumaru at work in the fields, basking in the sun and enjoying a watermelon, one cannot help but be moved. Moved by the quiet dignity of living each day to the best of one’s ability, no matter how simple a life it is.

Grab some tissues as you browse through Miyoko’s website. As she wrote in her book, “Even if you lose something very precious, even if a storm comes, or maybe your happiness overflows, those days and those moments will never come again. My grandmother lives every day of her life. If you can remain steady and patient, everything will be alright. Tomorrow must be a good day.”

Source: Daily Shi Kojitsu of Miyoko IHARA WEBSITE

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