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Thailand sign memo on shinkansen project 

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This seems a big project! This make it easier to go northern city from Bangkok 🙂

Transport minister Keiichi Ishii and his Thai counterpart, Arkhom Termpittayapaisith, signed a memorandum on cooperation on Saturday for a high-speed rail

Source: Japan, Thailand sign memo on shinkansen project | The Japan Times

Bleach Manga will end on August 22 issued magazine

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Wow!! Guess many funs will shocked at this news!

This year’s combined 36th/37th issue of Shueisha‘s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is announcing on Monday that Tite Kubo will publish the final Bleach manga chapter in the magazine’s next issue, which Shueisha will ship on August 22. The next issue will also have an “important announcement.”

Source: Bleach Manga to End on August 22 With ‘Important Announcement’

Japan’s first drone high school will be come in next year!

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This would be the one of the  coolest school in Japan.

In this school it will be teach about drone and robot. Are you interested in study about these?

Vantan High School tries to get ahead of the increasing use of drones and robotics in industry and may have become the coolest high school in Japan as a result.

Source: Japan’s first drone high school course to begin next year, teaches piloting, law, and more | RocketNews24

Do you want to join this? Wally Run recruiting 6,000 Waldo cosplayers for October

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Do you want to join this? All you need to do is, dress up with red and white stripe shirt and wear a glasses :))

Do you have what it takes to join the thousands of Wally/Waldo cosplayers in Aichi or Osaka this autumn?

Source: Where’s Wally? Wally Run recruiting 6,000 Waldo cosplayers for October | Japan Trends

Muscle Cafe Tokyo will be opened just on the 30th of July

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This cafe only serves to a women so those who like the muscles, better go there!!

Women are flocking to enjoy the brawny charms of these men, who offer special “omotenashi” services.

Source: Muscle Cafe Tokyo serves up burly omotenashi for Japanese women | Japan Trends

Pokemon GO Has Been Released In Hong Kong! 

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Wow!! Now it time to be arrived in Singapore :)) Can’t wait when will be!!

Pokemon GO has been released yesterday in Hong Kong and Taiwan after speculations, and we predict that a Singaporean release is impending.

For those dying to get be the first trainers in their countries, the site recommends accessing this link at their Google Play stores. If the app can be seen, you’re all ready to go!

In South Korea, while the release of Pokemon GO on the Korean app store has still not been decided according to a Pokemon Korea’s spokesperson, Korean fans have been able to download the app via the US-based Apple app store.

However, since the South Korean government has blocked Google Maps from GPS mapping in South Korea due to security restrictions, the only places that Koreans can play Pokemon Go are Sokcho and Busan – which have been mismapped as regions belonging to North Korea and Japan respectively.

Source: Pokemon GO Has Been Released In HK, Will SG Follow Soon?

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