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New art gallery will be open in Roppongi on October 21st.

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Even there is a art museum in Roppongi, another art facility will be open in October. I’m sure that Roppongi will be the famous spot for the designer. If you are interested in design or art, you better go to Roppongi!!

Roppongi continues to throw off its sleazy reputation and become a major art and design destination in Tokyo.

Source: New art gallery complex opens in Roppongi | Japan Trends

Tokyo Game Show 2016 was held in Tokyo!! There was so many of the anime costume that fans would definitely like it!!

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These are the cosplay costume that was selling in the Tokyo Game Show. There are so much of it so I am sure that fans are excited of wearing those :))

Here’s all the super-cool merch you can buy at Tokyo Game Show this weekend!

Source: Take a look at Tokyo Game Show 2016’s coolest merchandise!【Photos】 | RocketNews24

There is a shoes collection of the Popular Japanese Instagram cat

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Mash is a famous cat with 182,000 followers on Instagram. Now there are collection of this cute cat shoes. Isn’t it so adorable?

Some cats are cute enough to be models, while others are so beloved they get to have their very own shoe collection.

Source: Popular Japanese Instagram cat inspires a stylish shoe collection | RocketNews24

 Japanese Kakigori Dessert Shop Opened in Bankok

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I know there are many kind of shaving ice in Singapore, but if you want too try the Japanese “Kakigori” you should try this!! It seems same but Japanese Kakigori is more soft than we eat in Singapore 🙂

[Bangkok] While Singapore is still kind of into Korean bingsu, foodies in Bangkok and Hong Kong have caught on to kakigori. Kakigori? It is a Japanese shave

Source: Maygori – Japanese Kakigori Dessert Shop Opened By After You –

The Hatsune Miku credit card looks awesome

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Those who like Hatsune Miku, this is for you.

The awesome merchandise included in the special reward points program makes this the ultimate credit card for anime vocaloid fans.

Source: Japanese bank releases Hatsune Miku credit card with exclusive member benefits | RocketNews24

Kentucky Fried Sukiyaki is now on the menu at KFC Hong Kong 

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Sukiyaki is one of the expensive food in Japan but the KFC Hong Kong serves this meal just for HK $$49.9 (US$6.40). That seems so amazing!!

These deviations from KFC’s three core principles still look incredibly delicious.

Source: Kentucky Fried Sukiyaki? Japanese-style hot pots now on the menu at KFC Hong Kong | RocketNews24

The two shots of Baby tiger and lion are so adorable 

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If you want to see this adorable pair, you should go to African Safari that is in Oita Prefecture.

Their time together is limited, but for now, these two make an adorable pair.

Source: Baby tiger and lion become best friends at Japanese animal park, melt hearts online 【Photos】 | RocketNews24

There is a  Yakiniku restaurant where serves meat by conveyor belt on a high speed lane in Japan

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This looks awesome!! This prevent us for waiting a long time.

Complete with a touch panel ordering system, unusual menu items, and jet take-off sounds, this new restaurant is set to change the way we enjoy grilled meat forever!

Source: New Japanese Yakiniku Jet restaurant serves meat by conveyor belt on a high speed lane | RocketNews24

Anime Festival Asia will be held on August 19th and 20th in Thailand

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This could be so much fun 🙂 Whoever like Japanese Anime better go!!

Source: Anime Festival Asia Thailand 2016 I Love Anisong Concert – Ticketmelon

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