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 Do you want to put chocolate-flavored soy sauce on the shaving ice?

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I cannot imagine how it tastes like but I want to try this 🙂 If you’re interested in this, you could also buy through the Amazon!

Wait, is this chocolate-flavored soy sauce, or soy-sauce flavored chocolate sauce?

Source: Now there’s chocolate-flavored soy sauce…for shaved ice! | RocketNews24

Isetan Singapore now having a Kumamoto Fair!!

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You can enjoy many variety of Kumamoto food!!

Source: Isetan Singapore

BAKE Cheese Tarts

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BAKE Cheese Tarts

BAKE Cheese Tarts

The famous  Hokkaido BAKE Cheese Tarts are finally reaching our sunny shores. Their Singapore store, will open on 29th April at Ion Orchard B4-33. What sets these freshly-baked cheese tarts apart i…

Source: BAKE Cheese Tarts

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