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10 best Japanese buffets in Singapore

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There are 3 reasons why people love Japanese buffets so much. One, we are allowed to publicly showcase our greed without being judged because everyone else is doing the same (ie: piling our plates up with beef or making endless trips back to the sashimi stand). Two, Japanese buffets serve as a great value for money deal (you get to eat as much as you think you deserve to pay for). Lastly, we go to buffets to enjoy an endless flow of our favourite Japanese dishes without worrying too much about the price.

Source: 10 best Japanese buffets in Singapore

You can now order pizza from a robot in Singapore

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Japan’s most famous robot, Pepper expected to serve you in Singapore!

If your Pizza Hut clerk seems like a robot, you may have stumbled into Singapore and a near future in retail commerce.

Before the end of this year, credit card giant MasterCard will deploy an actual robot in one lucky Pizza Hut location in Singapore that will not only engage with customers, but help them fulfill their pizza cravings by guiding them through a purchase and assisting them in completing a mobile transaction.

Source: You can now order pizza from a robot in Singapore

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