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 Japanese Purple Yam Soft Serve can now be eaten in Singapore!

Try some these unique premium quality ice-cream which is Imported from Japan. It is also very healthy so it is very good for your health too:)) Hong Kong franchise Small Potatoes Ice Creamery, specializing in Japanese purple potatoes (yam) soft serve ice cream, has opened at Novena Square 2. The kiosk is at the basement… Keep Reading


Mamoru Hosoda Cafe opens in Shibuya!

Mamoru Hosoda Anime which is famous for  Summer Wars and Wolf Children has open the cafe! Those who are Mamoru Hosoda’s Fans should definitely  go there. Hosoda is back in the spotlight this summer, as it marks the 10-year anniversary of his breakout hit The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. So to celebrate, The Guest… Keep Reading


Japanese Horror Movie will be upcoming on June 23

People who are very brave, you should watch this! Plot for Sadako VS Kayako University student Yuri Kurahashi and her friend chance upon the cursed videotape of Sadako (“The Ring”) and both are doomed to die in two days. Meanwhile, high school girl Suzuka Takagi is drawn towards the Saeki house, not knowing that once… Keep Reading

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