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The 1st Raindrop Cake Lands In Singapore At Westgate!

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Have you ever heard of Mizu Shinken Mochi? It is known in Japan and this Raindrop cake is originated in Japan. Even it named Raindrop cake but it is not actually a cake. It is more like a Jelly. When you put in your mouth, it will melt in your mouth. You must try this once 🙂

The Raindrop Cake itself is tasteless, to mimic the taste of rainwater, accompanied by Kinako (roasted soybean powder) and brown sugar syrup by the side for additional flavours. Soo Bing Bing offers 3 types of Raindrop Cake: Original ($4), Matcha Sauce ($4.80) and a DIY version ($6) with choice of 3 toppings.

Soo Bing Bing
Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive #03-01, Singapore 608532 (Jurong East MRT)
Opening Hours: 5pm – 10pm (Sun-Thu), 1pm – 10.30pm (Fri-Sat)

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