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Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat

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Fukumaru, the famous cat of Granny Misao, died in 2015. However, his death was only announced in February this year, in accordance to the wishes of the family.

If you do not already know, Granny Misao and her odd-eyed Fukumaru gained rapid online popularity due to the heartwarming photos of Miyoko Ihara. Miyoko, who is Misao’s granddaughter started documenting the life of her granny in photographs back in 2000. 3 years later, Granny Misao found Fukumaru in her shed and the duo formed an incredible bond.

Miyoko has since published a photobook of Granny and Fukumaru which is available in Amazon. But more than just a chronicle of a woman and her cat, the photos captured a life away from urban complexities and complicated relationships. Looking at the photos of Granny (who is in her 90s now!) and Fukumaru at work in the fields, basking in the sun and enjoying a watermelon, one cannot help but be moved. Moved by the quiet dignity of living each day to the best of one’s ability, no matter how simple a life it is.

Grab some tissues as you browse through Miyoko’s website. As she wrote in her book, “Even if you lose something very precious, even if a storm comes, or maybe your happiness overflows, those days and those moments will never come again. My grandmother lives every day of her life. If you can remain steady and patient, everything will be alright. Tomorrow must be a good day.”

Source: Daily Shi Kojitsu of Miyoko IHARA WEBSITE


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