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Get Yourself a Yukata from UNIQLO Singapore

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Hey everyone!

We are excited to discover that we can buy Japanese Yukatas from Uniqlo Singapore from selected stores and online starting from 12 May 2016!

A yukata is a casual version of the kimono and is traditionally worn after bathing in a communical bath. Hence, yukatas are usually offered to guests in hotspring ryokans (guesthouses). Recently, the yukata has also been a way of dressing for summer festivals. For more info on Uniqlo yukatas, check this site out:

For those of us who have no idea how to wear a yukata, this very helpful and elegant tutorial by Uniqlo will give you a good idea. Important to remember:- always have the left side of the yukata overlapping the right side as the reverse is usually meant for the dead (>_<)



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